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Limestone Farms Bourbon Honoring Family Heritage

Tradition, passing down a legacy as well as honoring generations that have travelled the path before, Limestone Farms is centered on family values. As the limestone rock filters as well as adds classic notes to our bourbon, we honor our heritage and values, bringing you prestige flavors and notes you can only find with years of dedication and a tenacious spirit.

Located in Georgetown, KY where the first bourbons were created in the late 18th century, lies the five-generation Morgan Family Farms. This vast and picturesque land boasts rolling hills and springs of limestone flowing water which feed into the vital 99-mile-long Bluegrass Elkhorn Creek. Limestone Farms recently began construction on a blending building and broke ground on a state-of-the-art distillery on this magnificent property.
When we started out on this journey, it was never our intention to be the biggest in the bourbon space, only the best. We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional and memorable experience with each and every pour.


Producing an exceptional product that enhances your social time by delivering a true Kentucky Whisky Experience


Clean, precise flavor profiles, that deliver a full flavor experience from start to finish, rewarding you with a long lingering finish asking for another sip.
Shipping To AK, KY, AZ, ND, NE, NH, DC
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