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The Rise of a New Bourbon: Limestone Farms Distillery Distribution Growth

by Amanda Rouda on

Limestone Farms Distillery Expands Distribution Footprint.

Limestone Farms Distillery Super Premium Bourbon Collection available in ten states

Georgetown, Kentucky (April 8, 2024) –

Limestone Farms Distillery announced today that it has expanded its product distribution footprint. Consumers can now find their favorite Limestone Farms bourbon offerings in California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas.

"As we expand our distribution footprint to new states, we're not just sharing our bourbon; we're sharing a piece of our heritage and craftsmanship with enthusiasts nationwide,” said CEO Darin Dillow. “With each bottle, we invite you to savor the rich flavors and timeless traditions that define our distillery's legacy."

Limestone Farms’ Morgan Family Collection is committed to bringing exceptional, unparalleled Kentucky Whiskey to the market. Their team is dedicated to rare and unique mash bills and unlike many other labels, they go far beyond just waiting for an age from a rickhouse. Limestone Farms creates once-in-a-lifetime whiskey experiences with every flagship release and take great pride in sharing the artistry and craft of fine Kentucky whiskey blending.

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About Limestone Farms Bourbon

Honoring Family Heritage. Tradition, passing down a legacy as well as honoring generations that have travelled the path before, Limestone Farms is centered on family values. As the limestone rock filters as well as adds classic notes to our bourbon, we honor our heritage and values, bringing you prestige flavors and notes you can only find with years of dedication and a tenacious spirit. Limestone Farm’s Brand Mission: Enhancing your social time by delivering a Kentucky Whisky Experience.


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